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Chris Betcher

Ln: Statistics Laundering: false and fantastic figures [ pornography statistics ] - 0 views

  • The core point made herein is that the use of web sites for such purposes has long been, and still is being, vastly exaggerated in the media, by advocacy organisations, etc. Meanwhile little if any attention has been given to credible evidence that there is a vastly larger problem involving the use of non-Web Internet technologies which will not be affected in any way by the Federal Government's plan to spend AUD$44.5 million on 'blocking' of accidental/unintentional access to web sites.
    This research paper contains information about various alarming and sensational, but out-of-date, false and/or misleading 'statistics' concerning the prevalence of 'child pornography' material on Internet Web sites, etc., which appeared in Australian media reports/articles, government agency reports, etc., in 2008 and 2009.
John Pearce

Teach Digital: Curriculum by Wes Fryer wiki / internetsafety - 0 views

    It is relatively easy for someone to SCARE parents away from the Internet. There ARE bad things and people making bad choices on the Internet, but there are many compelling resources and interactive tools available which can be used for learning and communication. In this wiki presentation, Wes Fryer focusses on practical things parents can do with children of different ages to promote safe online behavior and also help young people develop the ethical capacities to make good decisions as well as remain open to communicating about their online experiences with others.
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