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John Pearce

Group discussion made easy | micromobs - 1 views

    micromobs is a group messaging service and is the easiest way to manage and communicate with multiple groups. micromobs presents your group messages as a stream of content which means you can chose which messages to respond to and which messages to skim over or ignore. This means your group messages will no longer clutter your inbox, and you wont need to go to different websites to interact with your various social groups.
John Pearce - The Constant Awareness Communication Tool - Private Microblogging for your... - 0 views

    Presently is another Twitter like microblogging environment built with enterprise in mind. Just like Yammer, presently works within a closed community based on shared email addresses, that is to be able to access or post to the community you have to have a common email designation eg Presently has a couple of interesting features such as the ability to share media and also form groups on a formal or ad hoc basis. The basic service is free though you can purchase an Enterprise Edition which has more controls etc.
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