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Rhondda Powling

The 6 P's for Education « My Island View - 2 views

    @tomwhitby "Dell Computer has sponsored four education Think Tanks over the last year, or so, and I have been fortunate to participate in three of them...Each of the groups is given four to six general topics of concern in education to discuss for about forty-five minutes to an hour. Since the members are all invited guests, they are usually intelligent, passionate, and well-versed in aspects of education specific to their profession....Progress is being stymied by the 6 "P's". By this I am not referring to the military expression "Proper Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance". I am talking about Poverty, Profit, Politics, Parents, Professional development, and Priorities preventing progress in Public Education."
Rhondda Powling

Half an Hour: New Forms of Assessment: measuring what you contribute rather than what y... - 4 views

    "This list of three types of assessment is intended only to stimulate thought....These three things - helping others, being cooperative, contributing to the public good - are obviously not easy to assess. To be sure, it's far easier to ask students simple questions and grade the number of correct responses. But asking students simple questions, far from measuring putative 'content knowledge', is really an exercise in counting without any real interest in what is being counted."
Rhondda Powling

5 Tips For Assessing What Students Know - Articles - Educational Technology -... - 8 views

    "It is not enough to teach students how to understand information and communications technology. At some point you are going to have to assess their knowledge and understanding. "
Chris Betcher

Assessment for Learning: Home | Assessment for Learning - 20 views

    Welcome to the Assessment for Learning website. This site has been developed by Curriculum Corporation
    on behalf of the education departments of the States, Territories and Commonwealth of Australia.
Roland Gesthuizen

QATs (Quality Assessment Tasks) - 2 views

    an invaluable teachers' resource used for assessment within the VCE (Victoria) and the HSC (NSW). Developed by experienced teachers .. for internal assessment and end of year examinations. Professionally designed and delivered by email .. they save teachers time and effort while providing confidence that assessment is reliable, accurate and consistent with requirements specified by education authorities.
Roland Gesthuizen

NAPLAN-style testing has 'failed' US schools - 5 views

  • Professor Darling-Hammond said Australia would be wiser to follow the examples of Finland, Korea, Shanghai and Singapore, whose 15-year-olds achieve the best results in numeracy, literacy and science in comparisons with other developed nations.
  • While the basic skills literacy and numeracy tests were designed to help teachers identify children with learning difficulties needing assistance, they are now being used as a competitive measure of school performance on the federal government's My School website.
    NAPLAN-style testing and reporting has failed in the United States by narrowing the curriculum and corrupting education standards, says a chief education adviser to the US President, Barack Obama. .. The US tests have been criticised for narrowing the curriculum to reading and maths and multiple-choice formats.
Roland Gesthuizen

Cheating in Computer Science - 3 views

  • we have gotten the cart before the horse. We are less concerned with whether students learn the right thing than whether they learn in the way that we rely upon to measure how well they learn when compared to their peers. We do this without even having considered whether the measurement is even useful, much less necessary or even counter-productive.
  • We do it for no better reason than tradition, habit, and inertia.
  • I no longer teach programming by teaching the features of the language and asking the students for original compositions in the language. Instead I give them programs that work and ask them to change their behavior. I give them programs that do not work and ask them to repair them. I give them programs and ask them to decompose them. I give them executables and ask them for source, un-commented source and ask for the comments, description, or specification.
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  • As a teacher, my job is to help students learn, not create artificial barriers to learning in the name of equitable grading. Nice people do not put others in difficult ethical dilemmas. Grading should be a strategy for making learning more satisfying by demonstrating accomplishment.
    "Bill Murray approaches the teaching-learning system as a game in which students, teachers, and others play various roles. He wonders whether the game itself encourages cheating, and suggests that teachers could restructure the game so that cheating is less rewarding and less likely."
    Fascinating essay about assessment and cheating, and how teachers have created this situation.
Rhondda Powling

Tech Transformation Blog : Assessment OF learning -v- Assessment FOR learning - 4 views

    Assessment, Teaching and Learning
Kerry J

Yaca Paca - 3 views

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Kerry J

On national standardised testing on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 7 views

    A student's view on national standardised tests
Roland Gesthuizen

ACARA - Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority - 0 views

    "ACARA is the independent authority responsible for the development of a national curriculum, a national assessment program and a national data collection and reporting program that supports 21st century learning for all Australian students.
    Australian group responsible for national curriculum and assessment program.
Kerry J

Trouble with Rubrics - 0 views

    Are rubrics a brave new world of assessment? Or are they merely a way for educators to justify the grades they give? And what effect do grades have on learning?
Jo McLeay

Project Based Learning Checklists - 0 views

    Completing class projects can be fun for your students, especially if they know exactly what is needed. Creating guidelines can be time-consuming though, so we've made a way for you to do it in no time!
Amanda Marrinan

edublogs: Lehmann's Philly: the same, but different. - 0 views

    Ewan McIntosh onteaching and learning
Lynne Crowe

4Teachers : Main Page - 0 views

    Lots of useful resources here!
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