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Anthony Barnett

Peter, we've spent 10 years working with Gordon and we don't like him. The more the public get to know, the less they will like him too | Mail Online - 0 views

  • Douglas arrived at HQ very agitated about it. ‘I can’t believe Ed Miliband,’ he complained. ‘You’d imagine that after ten years of waiting for this, and ten years complaining about Tony, we would have some idea of what we are going to do but we don’t seem to have any policies. For God’s sake, Harriet’s helping write the manifesto!’It was the first serious indication of a recurrent theme of Gordon’s premiership – everyone around him thought there was some big plan  sitting in a bottom drawer somewhere, just ready to be pulled out when the moment came. In fact, there was nothing.
Anthony Barnett

Stephen Byers claims no rules were broken during lobbying sting | Politics | - 0 views

  • "There is absolutely no room for anyone to trade on their ministerial office. People come into politics ‑ whether Labour, Tory or Lib Dem – because of what they want to do for the country. And I believe that's true for MPs across all parties, I don't think this is a partisan point."Anything which sullies that reputation or gets in the way of that public service is completely inimical. I think it's right that we have tightened up the rules already ... but the Labour manifesto is going to say more about the need for a statutory register of the lobbying industry, because there is absolutely no room for the sort of innuendo or promises that seem to have been floated in this case."
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