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Anthony Barnett / Institutional Affairs / Poland: UK no longer a leading EU country - 0 views

  • "Cameron said very clearly: 'We're not interested in a political union, we want to take care of our own interests and retreat to our island.' But the rest of the continent does want political union because it's indispensible to save the euro and to protect our place on the world arena," Sikorski said. "Great Britain can retreat to its island. But it's in our [Poland's] interest to permanently safeguard our membership in the Latin civilisation, so we need tighter ties with the rest of europe, not looser ones," he added.
Anthony Barnett

Banks are on a eurozone knife-edge - - 1 views

  • critical to break the adverse feedback loops between subpar growth, deteriorating fiscal positions, increasing recapitalisation needs, and deleveraging ...
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