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The great 'big state' debate | Henry Porter | Comment is free | - 0 views

    "the broader pattern in the powers endowed to the state by Labour. These I listed as the national DNA database, which despite the unanimous ruling of the European court of human rights retained the genetic profiles of the innocent; the plans to access the data of all communications; Police Forward Intelligence Teams building a database of legitimate protesters; the automatic number plate recognition system covering all major road and tracking "tagged" vehicles; the eBorders scheme that will collect and store information from all journeys across UK borders; the children's databases that prohibit access by parents; the Criminal Records Bureau checks of teenagers helping out at school; and the ID card scheme that will record all the major transaction of a person's life."

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications | UK news | gu... - 0 views

    "The Guardian understands that a total of 850,000 NSA employees and US private contractors with top secret clearance had access to GCHQ databases."

Conor Foley: Jacqui Smith should review her conscience | Comment is free | - 0 views

  • No one needs to explain to Jacqui Smith why it is wrong to give the police extended detention powers because she already knows the arguments. Many years ago when we were both activists in the Labour party's student wing, she was in the office of Sally Morgan, the party's student officer, when the police told her they were holding me under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. She knows what happened to me and she must know that she will be inflicting this on other innocent people.
    • Tom Griffin
      powerful stuff

Jack Straw: Our record isn't perfect. But talk of a police state is daft | Comment is f... - 0 views

  • More generally, despite the claims of a systematic erosion of liberty by those organising this weekend's Convention on Modern Liberty, my very good constituency office files show no recent correspondence relating to fears about the creation in Britain of a "police state" or a "surveillance society"

Photography is our right, our freedom | Henry Porter | Comment is free | - 0 views

    "But there is a deeper struggle at the base of this issue - the ownership of public space, which the state is consciously laying claim to in these actions. Photographers are stopped in the name of protecting us all from terrorism but actually this can also be seen to be a territorial incursion. What used to be public space is rapidly becoming "state space", the area owned, patrolled and policed by various agencies of the state, which establish their ownership by totemic tribal markers. I am of course referring to the CCTV camera."

It's time to pull out of Afghanistan and take the fight to Bin Laden in Britain | Kim H... - 0 views

    Kim Howells: I backed the war, but the chance looks squandered. Local agencies battling terrorism need the funds being spilt in Helmand

Stephen Byers claims no rules were broken during lobbying sting | Politics | guardian.c... - 0 views

  • "There is absolutely no room for anyone to trade on their ministerial office. People come into politics ‑ whether Labour, Tory or Lib Dem – because of what they want to do for the country. And I believe that's true for MPs across all parties, I don't think this is a partisan point."Anything which sullies that reputation or gets in the way of that public service is completely inimical. I think it's right that we have tightened up the rules already ... but the Labour manifesto is going to say more about the need for a statutory register of the lobbying industry, because there is absolutely no room for the sort of innuendo or promises that seem to have been floated in this case."

Nick Clegg: Hugo Young lecture 2010 | Politics | - 0 views

  • Reversing a century of centralisation
  • The coalition government is beginning to rewrite the rules of British politics. It is of course still early days. We are six months into one of the boldest experiments in British politics, six months into a five year coalition government.
  • Old progressives measure success by the power and spending of the central state. New progressives measure it by the power and freedom of individual citizens.
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  • my unquenchable conviction that if we place our faith in people rather than in institutions,

George Monbiot: This lobbying scandal confirms it. The dying days of Labour are upon us... - 0 views

    Looks as if Monbiot has given away The Ghost!

Paul Kingsnorth: A radical answer to the Mid-Lothian question | Comment is free | guard... - 0 views

    A radical answer to the Mid-Lothian question

Gary Younge: Occupations abroad always lead to the erosion of liberties at home | Comme... - 0 views

  • Before his show trial in Hungary in 1948, Robert Vogeler spent three months in a cell sleeping on a board that hovered just above two inches of water. Day and night a bright light bathed his cell, and even then someone would bang on the wall next door just to make sure he couldn't get any sleep. "It is just a question of time before you confess," he said afterwards. "With some it takes a little longer than others, but nobody can resist that treatment indefinitely."
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