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Cub Kahn

Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction - 5 views

    The "Application to All Courses" section and the "Example" section both note applications of Gagne's 9 Events that fit online and hybrid courses.

What Are "Rewards" - 1 views

    This is a heady rant about motivating your user. (7 min).
    While some of the big words might be off putting, the simple game examples should be inviting. ?

    It serves as advice on making someone feel glad they performed a task you setup for them. The speaker is talking about video games, and behavioral engineering, but I think it relates to motivating online students.

    the core takeaway is: points ain't rewards.
    Just because you gave someone points, doesn't mean they received them as a reward. Points only work as rewards when they are a "token" of whatever currency the player values. I think this is fascinating to keep in mind when trying to motivate students. (you might think of grades and degrees as tokens in different currencies)

    + I'm curious to learn how much the field of "instructional design" leverages behavioral engineering.
Karen Watte

Role-Playing in Online Education - 4 views

    Great article by enthusiastic instructor that gives details about designing and delivering effective role-playing activities online. Relates activities to Bloom's taxonomy and gives tips for grading students.
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