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Indies and Edu-Games: A Perfect Couple - 0 views

    An article about the emerging idea that independent game developers would fit well with the edu-games market. I think it's interesting to see a summary of the current edu-games rockstars, and to think about the future of working with 3rd parties.
    (honestly not sure if it's a growing market or a bad idea. While we drool over polished edu-games and simulations for some classes, it also seems like teachers ALWAYS want some customization for thier course. which most 3rd party developers aren't setup to deliver. sooo. maybe the real takeaway is that schools will all end up having an edu-games department! i hope... :)

What Are "Rewards" - 1 views

    This is a heady rant about motivating your user. (7 min).
    While some of the big words might be off putting, the simple game examples should be inviting. ?

    It serves as advice on making someone feel glad they performed a task you setup for them. The speaker is talking about video games, and behavioral engineering, but I think it relates to motivating online students.

    the core takeaway is: points ain't rewards.
    Just because you gave someone points, doesn't mean they received them as a reward. Points only work as rewards when they are a "token" of whatever currency the player values. I think this is fascinating to keep in mind when trying to motivate students. (you might think of grades and degrees as tokens in different currencies)

    + I'm curious to learn how much the field of "instructional design" leverages behavioral engineering.
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