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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Lynn Hockenberry

Lynn Hockenberry

Texas RTI Site - 10 views

    This site is an excellent source of tools and resources for Response to Intervention. I think it would be helpful for any teacher or consultant to use.
Lynn Hockenberry

ollie1: Iowa Online Course Standards - 0 views

  • The course instruction includes activities that engage students in active learning.
    • Lynn Hockenberry
      Building in wikis, blogs, and opportunities for small group meetings will be an exciting and critically important part of the design of the class. Otherwise, online learning could be no different than reading a textbook (only on a computer screen)
  • • The course meets universal design principles, ADA compliance, Section 508 standards and W3C guidelines to ensure access for all students.
    • Lynn Hockenberry
      Will we learn about these standards and how to ensure we are meeting them?
  • The course design provides opportunities for appropriate instructor-student interaction, including timely and frequent feedback about student progress based on the learning targets.
    • Lynn Hockenberry
      I will be curious to learn from others the amount of time that it takes for an instructor to teach an online class and respond to the needs of students.
Lynn Hockenberry

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 1 views

  • Has experienced online learning from the perspective of a student (SREB F.1, Varvel II.E)
    • Lynn Hockenberry
      Online learning is a great opportunity for professional growth. I think it is essential for an online instructor to experience online learning from the student perspective. Taking this class right now is giving me perspective on several things: Time needed to engage in the class, wide variety of tools availalble, the necessity of students being able to problem solve technological issues and confusions both on their own and through a network of both students and the online instructor.
  • . Demonstrates competence in planning, designing, and incorporating instructional strategies (ITS 3)
    • Lynn Hockenberry
      This standard is the one that would absolutely drive my professional growth plan. I have so much to learn about using appropriate visual web design techniques and selecting technologies appropriate to the content. I am both overwhelmed and excited by the prospect of learning to use these technologies as I build my class
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