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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Lisa Jacobs


ollie4_1: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 1 views

  • However, for students to be actively and successfully involved in their own learning, they must feel that they are bona fide partners in the learning process. This feeling is dependent on a classroom culture characterized by a sense of trust between and among students and their teachers; by norms of respect, transparency, and appreciation of differences; and by a non-threatening environment.

ollie4_1: Building a Better Mousetrap - 0 views

  • To begin with, rubrics can be either “general” or “specific.”
    • Lisa Jacobs
      This whole section reminded me of the Iowa ICAM assessments. I spent many years leading the scoring sessions for the ICAM reading and math assessment scoring sessions. The training was very intense with both general and specific rubrics for each item.

ollie4_1: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality - 1 views

  • The goal of a balanced assessment system is to ensure that all assessment users have access to the data they want when they need it, which in turn directly serves the effective use of multiple measures.
    • Lisa Jacobs
      It is critical that people have access to the right data "when" it is needed to make important decisions.
  • Who will use the results to inform what decisions?
    • Lisa Jacobs
      It is important to know who needs the data to make decisions.

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 1 views

  • Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students
    • Lisa Jacobs
      Students need feedback that is timelin and provides sutdents in learning the content.
  • instructional strategies
    • Lisa Jacobs
      demonstrating bookmarking
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