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Raúl Marcó del Pont

Denis Diderot's 'Rameau's Nephew': A Multi-Media Edition - Open Book Publishers - 1 views

    Denis Diderot's 'Rameau's Nephew': A Multi-Media Edition, edited by M. Hobson, translated by K. Tunstall and C. Warman, with music by the Conservatoire national de musique de Paris. OBP, academic publishing of peer-reviewed open access monographs in the humanities and social sciences
Matt Tibble

NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition - 0 views

    This volume in the New Media Consortium Series of reports (NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition), examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry within the environment of higher education.
Kim Baker

The unknowing of public knowledge - 4 views

    "Even with abundant information and the removal of censorship, truth may not prevail. This the edited text of a plenary address to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Singapore, 20 August 2013. Journalists and librarians share a faith in the power of public knowledge, but the media are failing in their duty"
    I took this sentence from the article that I think is crucial: Public media must provide more than just "naked facts"; they must provide the resources for people to make judgments effectively.

Feminist Journal Editing: Does This Job Include Benefits? - 1 views

    Founding editor and previous co-editor of the open access journal Feminist Media Studies provides an in-depth account into her experiences engaging with feminist, open access processes. Lisa McLuaghlin spends a great deal of time discussing the implications of hierarchies in (academic) publishing and the political implications of editorial boards. Also engaged throughout the article is a conversation about diversity within academic publishing. She emphasizes how Feminist Media Studies does not have a very diverse authorship despite the journal's intention and specific policies and editorial policies that are intended to encourage non-English speakers to publish in the English journal. This reflection on feminism and open access demonstrates what these fields have accomplished, while also indicating how far we still have to go. Overall, the article provided many insights from someone on-the-ground in regards to feminist, open access initiatives.
    Open access publishing in Feminist/Gender studies should reflect objectivism and diversity; therefore a diverse editorial board should be elected to recruit and select journal content that suits the target profile. It seems as if the editorial management of this journal is run more along business ethics than the principles of the journal.
    I would say that ethics should nearly always come ahead of journal principles.
Diane Vahab

2014 NMC Horizon Report - 1 views

    2014 Library Edition Examines key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies for their impact on academic and research libraries across the globe- 56pages of articles.

Open Knowledge Changing the Global Course of Learning: Course Readings and Resources - Google Docs - 5 views

    Here is a list of the core readings and additional resources for each module from the Open Knowledge Changing the Global Course of Learning MOOC--a partial textbook for the course.
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