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AJ Williams

Freeplay Music | Welcome | The best music library on the planet! - 5 views

    A very large library of music for video and other projects. It appears that they are changing their model a bit but still offer free licenses for YouTube projects and some student projects. Other uses will have a fee associated. The quality of music is very high and I have used this site a good deal in the past for student work.

Rebirth Of Science : Bernard Rentier at TEDx Liege - YouTube - 2 views

    I love the idea that progress and science being based on communication. Often the idea that I have in my mind is a scientist working alone, and that is never truly how the great break-throughs come, but rather from building on the science that we have learned about previously. I still have a problem with the Author Pay part of Open Access publishing, and it seems like it is not actually "Open" if you have to pay to play. The Utopic Version is really the way that I think of "Open" publishing even with all the pit falls of finding the Utopia. I like the rebirth by giving the onus to the reader to review, and that is a model that works as seen by Wikipedia, because people are willing to aid progress with out conventional compensation. I understand all of the problems with this, but I love the possibility.
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