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Sergio Leal

A free professional learning network - 4 views

    Join this excellent community. Check the free webinars with certification at the end.

IEEEOA - 0 views

    Open access publishing


    A simple explanation for an open access.

OER GUIDE - 0 views

    It is all about what OER are. it gives a full fledged introduction of these resources and their use.

Article about the future for Digital Humanities - 1 views

knowledge MOOC open open access

started by GahBreeElla on 08 Dec 14 no follow-up yet
Olivia Azar

Open Science Directory - 2 views

    What a wealth of information for the people of the world. I searched for my favourite topic "Data mining" and viola!! I felt like Eureka!
Olivia Azar

MOOCS in Mexico - 0 views

    For those of you interested in taking upon more moocs in Mexico.
Fernando Carraro - 3 views

Se ven interesantes esos libros, gracias por compartir el enlace.

open access knowledge open MOOC publishing Module11


Frank Müller-Languer- Copyright and Open Access for Academic Works. - 0 views

This has been one of the best academic research I have found this semester on Copyright and Open Access, and how we should balance both of those to give as much incentive as possible for knowledge ...

open access copyright open knowledge academic works

started by gabrielromitelli on 04 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

Providers of Free MOOC's Now Charge Employers for Access to Student Data - 0 views

    Providers of free online courses are officially in the headhunting business, bringing in revenue by selling to employers information about high-performing students who might be a good fit for open jobs. On Tuesday, Coursera, which works with high-profile colleges to provide massive open online courses, or MOOC's, announced its employee-matching service, called Coursera Career Services.

Is There a Sustainable MOOC Business Model? - 0 views

    Is There a Sustainable MOOC Business Model? Is "open" in open eduction will remain open and free from restriction? Can Coursera, Khan Academy, and other MOOC platforms be a $100-million business or a billion dollar business? It will take more time to learn the answer.

The Economics of Open | BCcampus - 1 views

    Good article to start studying and understanding the economic behind open education. This article started by focusing at things like open source software economic models, the business share, and how high technology society and the Internet access affect supply and demand of open education.

Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries network meeting & O... - 0 views

    I think technology has very important role that we should mention. everything that we mentioned above is possible because of technology revolution. and here is the thing; the low-developing countries is the places that need education the most but people in those countries have minimum access to technology like internet and computer. So in this case, can open education really change the world?
jurado-navas - 0 views

Vook is a New York-based company that publishes digital books that combine text, video, links to the internet and social media into singular applications available both online and as mobile applica...

Module11 open digital books open access

started by jurado-navas on 03 Dec 14 no follow-up yet

Recopilación de Software Libre - 0 views

Nos ofrece tres modalidades: catálogo actualizado, recopilación en CD, recopilación en DVD

open access knowledge open

started by chemarisg on 02 Dec 14 no follow-up yet
Diane Vahab

Open Course Ware - 1 views Hay cuatro cursos ofrecidos en la Universidad de Malaga en forma de MOOC.

open access knowledge open MOOC courseware


Highlights From: "The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices, 2014-15 Edition" - 0 views

    Filed by on Recently published by The Primary Research Group. The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices, 2014-15 Edition: The report looks closely at how libraries organize their database procurement and processing bureaucracy, pinpointing the number of positions devoted to digital information, and staff time spent on tasks such as procurement and invoice processing.
Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Welcome to MOOC.CA ~ MOOC - 0 views

    Subscribe to the MOOC Newsletter to keep up on the MOOC community's theory of MOOCs, new MOOC announcements, and news about MOOCs. is provided by Stephen Downes ( books, newsletter) and George Siemens as a place to host MOOC news and information. Got a MOOC? Post it here on
Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Moocs online courses - 2 views

    Openline courses with verified certificates.
Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Open Access- Science Direct - 0 views

    Browse through 12609638 journal and book articles on
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