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Open Innovation - The Good, the bad and the uncertainties - 0 views

    Eliza Laur CORAS and Adrian Tumitru TANTAU elaborate on the principles of open innovation. Students experienced in open learning might be better suited in a business world, where innovation has changed from being done in a closed shop, to being fostered by a free - albeit carefully managed - in- and outflow of information
Sophie Lafayette

Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources - 5 views

    This report addresses four main questions: * How can sustainable cost/benefit models for OER initiatives be developed? * What are the intellectual property rights issues linked to OER initiatives? * What are the incentives and barriers for universities and faculty staff to deliver their materials to OER initiatives? * How can access and usefulness for the users of OER initiatives be improved? This is part of an OECD series of reports looking at the impact of Open Knowledge on education systems and learning
    Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing this OECD report from the year 2007. The OECD is really forward looking. One sentence strikes me: "Wikipedia has two employees and well over a million articles in multiple languages." Yes, that was true, back in the year 2007.
    A very interesting paper that discusses issues around OER, as well as some topics already covered in the course is, "Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources" (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The paper highlights some of the barriers, sustainability issues, and how to improve access and usefulness of open educational resources. I found the paper very comprehensive, with many additional resources. While published in 2007, when conversations around OER were fairly new, many of the points they raise are still in discussion and relevant.
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