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Indigenous knowledge - 3 views

This is a really comprehensive source. Thanks!

#indigenousknowledge knowledge open module1 mooc open access


Digital Identity and Open Education - 1 views

Presentation from a conference of 2014, 31 pages presentation on slideshare, see URL: by Catherine Cronin

Open Education; Digital Identity; module1 open access

started by weerthc on 28 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

OER Commons website - 1 views

I work as a technology and robotics teacher at a k-12 school in Mexico, and I usually try to include all kinds of OERs into my lessons because I think technology need to be easy-access and affordab...

open access module1 open OER

started by nellycarr on 25 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

connected learning - 0 views

the impact of social circumstances on the ability to learn and progress I life, various examples are used to show the problems faced by children/students from lower-income and dysfunctional societi...

module1 open access

started by khomotsop on 16 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

Mobile - 1 views I find this interesting. Using the mobile phone is now a daily activity for everyone as we can do many things with it such as sending mesagges, sharing inform...

module1 open access mooc

started by begalu02 on 10 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

RDU - 0 views

La Universidad Nacional de Córdoba en Argentina cuenta con Repositorio Digital Universitario donde investigadores, docentes, alumnos publican sus papers, para que esté accesible libremente y sin co...

Module1 open access

started by veronicasoledad on 09 Sep 14 no follow-up yet

The learning environment is changing faster than we think - 18 views

Hi all! My name is Ashton and I'm a Graduate Assistant for your MOOC course. I really enjoyed this video and find the discussion you are having very relevant and interesting. I love Ted Talks and h...

Module1 open access


Privacidad en Internet - 3 views

Un link muy interesante gracias. Evidentemente parecería que puede inducir a pensar que es totalmente imposible la privacidad en internet, pero a partir de conocer los riesgos también el usuario pu...

module1 privacy open access


For ones interested to found some info about Open Knowledge Foundation in Poland - 4 views

module1 open access privacy mooc

started by katkanowak on 08 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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Colin Hynson

British Library open images on Flickr - 2 views

The British Library have released over a million images which are 100% open for use, reuse, remixing and redistribution. It is also an excellent example of crowdsourcing and they are encouraging us...

module1 open access museum

started by Colin Hynson on 07 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
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Fernando Carraro


Esta ley tiene el objetivo de callar a la gente, por ejemplo, compartir una nota que afecte la (buena) imagen del gobierno sería restringida de manera inmediata, en vez de darle una solución optan...

open access module1 MOOC

c maggard

Internet privacy - 4 views

My training is a a journalist. I spent many years as a broadcaster, getting out of the business just as myspace was taking hold. Fortunately, I did not have to open myself up to further invasions ...

module1 open access MOOC privacy publishing journalism

started by c maggard on 05 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Raúl Marcó del Pont

Blog Primer cuartil (Q1) - 3 views

Hola Irvin: Muy buena recomendación. Muchas gracias.

open access module1


Ley de acceso abierto a conocimiento científico en México - 2 views Un pequeño gran esfuerzo de México y su gobierno para garantizar el acceso abierto y gratuito a la información de carácter científico, educa...

open access module1 Ley conocimiento científico

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