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Linux Command Line By William Shotts (free ebook, website) - 0 views

    Are you a new linux user? (and why not give a linux a try! There are many great, stable, simple to use distributions out there now! And you can try many of them out with out even installing via live cd) The GUI is great, but to "unlock the POWER" it is great to learn about a few more advanced commands. I don't bother memorizing the command, but you will be amazed at the things you can easily figure out how to do with Linux, making your computing life easier and more powerful... The website is very helpful, and the book version is free and CC.
    I LOVE linux. I have let my brain turn to iOS mush in recent years, but since it's open source, I was able to google --er search via duck duck go-- fixes for a wifi connection issue and that shellshock thingie. And in far less time than it ever took to fix a Microsoft or WIndows issue. There are guys you can find online who will ship you a machine pre-loaded with Linux or Ubuntu or Debian, if you can't or don't want to bother with wiping and doing it yourself. If an easily distracted and slightly airheaded person like me can handle it, imagine how a more 'normal' person can do! Great post. Thanks for sharing. In fact, all your shares are interesting.
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