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    Canadian community activism organization that rallies for open internet, and launched the international organization " works to engage, educate and empower citizens to defend and advance their communication interests, values and rights. Engage: Through online campaigns and participatory events that resonate with everyday people, and civic engagement around media and communications policy in Canada. Educate: Through educational events high school and university presentations and workshops, and online resources.
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    Crowd sourcing for social change.

From Slacktivism to Activism: Participatory Culture in the Age of Social Media - 8 views

    "Social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), microblogging services (e.g. Twitter), and content sharing sites (e.g. YouTube and Flickr) have introduced the opportunity for wide scale, online social participation. Visibility of national and international priorities such as public health, political unrest, disaster relief, and climate change has increased, yet we know little about the benefits and possible costs of engaging in social activism via social media. "
    This article reminds me to the activism of a Spanish councellor to promote activism through social net against the independence of Cataluña in Spain:

Open Scholarship As Intellectual Activism - 4 views

    "Progress has been made toward making academic research, knowledge, and resources accessible to the broader public. This is a great cause. It is certainly a matter of justice and equality. Ironically, a number of scholars - particularly those from marginalized communities themselves (women, people of color, LGBT people) - cannot or are hesitant to participate in the move toward open access. However, many scholars, particularly marginalized scholars, participate in a different form of open scholarship: intellectual activism. "
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