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Fernando Carraro - 3 views

Se ven interesantes esos libros, gracias por compartir el enlace.

open access knowledge open MOOC publishing Module11


Behind the MOOC - 2 views

    This video is the project that I made with my partner. We tried to explore the business and sustainable model of MOOC. Hope it will be useful! And yes you can reuse and remix it.

The Economics of Open | BCcampus - 1 views

    Good article to start studying and understanding the economic behind open education. This article started by focusing at things like open source software economic models, the business share, and how high technology society and the Internet access affect supply and demand of open education.

The Crisis in Higher Education | MIT Technology Review - 1 views

    A hundred years ago, higher education seemed on the verge of a technological revolution. The spread of a powerful new communication network-the modern postal system-had made it possible for universities to distribute their lessons beyond the bounds of their campuses. Anyone with a mailbox could enroll in a class.
    This article provides a clear overview of the evolution of higher education along with the rapid development of technology during the past 100 year, and raises the issue whether today's networked education model has posted threat to higher education. Today's the rapid development of Internet and social networks have changed the way we learn, access information and connect with others. The emergence and popularity of MOOCs and various social media have brought a new learning model, connected learning, which is largely used in university and college courses. It expands learners' opportunities of learning, and brings them huge convenience to access information, share thoughts, and communicated with learners from world wide on the same topic. Learning in the current information age subverted the way we learn in traditional learning models, and sometimes caused problems. But I think it's normal for a new thing to cause problems, but as long as we figure out ways to overcome the problems and best utilize the new learning model and resource, it will bring us huge opportunities.

Arquímedes y la tecnología educativa: un análisis crítico en torno a los MOOC - 0 views

    This article reviews the concept of "massive open online courses" (mooc) using a metaphor about archimedes and the psychological theory of "cognitive spark". We analyze mooc's history, evolution, types and different international experiences. after this review, we focus on the experience of the university of murcia (Spain) with four moocwithin the miríada-X project, founded by universia.

A Review of Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet - 0 views

    A Review of Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet Lisa NakamuraLondon: Routledge, 2002 ISBN: 0415938376 $18.95 pp. 192 Review by Samantha Blackmon Purdue University Lisa Nakamura's Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet aims to interrogate how the Internet shapes and reshapes our perceptions of race, ethnicity, and identity.
Guaraciara Silva

Publicaciones en Brasil - 1 views

Este sitio trabaja directamente con publicaciones escolares.

open access knowledge MOOC publishing

started by Guaraciara Silva on 29 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Kelly Furey

My Final Project - 5 views

Thanks for sharing Alexandra! I really appreciated your presentation in class last week. I think the OpenOrg concept is a great software for NGO's to reach out to the general public for collaborati...

open access knowledge MOOC publishing

Fernando Carraro

MOOC: Presente y Futuro del Conocimiento Abierto - 1 views

    A punto de finalizar el curso.

Student Publishing: Why Student Journals Matter and How to Get Started: 2014-10-20 | Si... - 0 views

    Interesting workshop at SFU about student publishing! Actual web page has info, and any students at SFU are encouraged to attend to learn more!
ben_weir_ - 1 views

Article calling for the collapse of the Academic Publishing model in 2012 - interesting insights prior to what we have been studying!

MOOC Knowledge open publishing

started by ben_weir_ on 26 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Rosa Munoz-Luna

Plos One - 0 views

Plos One is a very important academic journal which publishes high quality manuscripts worldwide. It is included and indexed in the most important bibliographical databases. In this case, the fact ...

open access Knowledge open MOOC publishing Module9

started by Rosa Munoz-Luna on 26 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Information Geographies - 1 views

    Many interesting charts and data of the global internet use, access, and contributions
  • ...1 more comment...
    Cool!! It's so valuable to see behind the scenes of a lot of the open (or closed) tools we use. These images, maps, and infographics are really neat and use a lot of data that probably gets forgotten about in a lot of discussions. Thanks for posting!
    Atlas, publications, charts and tables of global information and internet geographies and impacts on information access, information production and information distribution, done over a four year period by Oxford Information Institute. Findings, data, and publication will be published in Open Access formats and platforms. The website is simple but contains lots of information relevant to the topics in Stanford. There are links to external related publications about information geography, access, distribution and production. Very good website. Some limitations include: bias from the two developers and producers as well as institution itself, unknown (not identified) contributors and sponsors.
    A very valuable collection demonstrating how economic, political, cultural and linguistic ties impact the flow of knowledge is and information. Of course, such charts do little to explain, why this happens and where a more even distribution of knowledge is desirable. Also, the data that lies behind the visualisations is not always open. Especially vauable are the links to the data collections that are accessible.

"Cite this for me" - 4 views - I think this is what Rosa meant

open access knowledge open MOOC publishing Module9


Is Intellectual property still existing today - 0 views

    In this society crowded with information, people can freely access to any kind of information. Intellectual property seems to unimportant. Many people even don't aware that they steal intellectual property from others. Is this a definite trend or do we have ways to protect authors?

The Digital Literacy "best practices" Site - 3 views

    This is a great source about Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion. You can find here worldwide research and news about these topics. 'The Digital Literacy "best practices" website is a reference and a celebration of the many good ideas that have been successfully used to promote digital literacy and digital inclusion'
    Good resource. Thanks for sharing. "Information literacy," "media literacy," "digital literacy" are all similar but yet different ideas. I am wrestling with the specifics of each. This site provides great examples.
    Thank you for sharing this resource. Nowadays, people just post things on the internet and doesn't consider the following effects. Many people lack the digital literacy. They need to learn it and then protect themselves. It is a good website to help me know digital literacy and digital inclusion.

Publishing. Share research - 0 views

    This is a great platform to share and publish research. Graduate and undergraduate students, independent researchers, faculty members, alumni, etc. can create their own account, publish their papers, exchange ideas and news, ask for an advice, track own and others papers and posts, and more. It provides open access to all published materials. It is a very useful website. I am a member and I recommend to check it out.
    This is a inspiring resource for all the students. They acquire a chance to show their ability and work.
c maggard

Comments as "post publication peer review" - 2 views

    Sad and interesting situation here, scientist publishes his research, and in the comments, his work is called into question and it costs him a job. Brings into question the integrity of pre-publication peer review, and casts a shadow on the future of comments. Frequently, the comments are made by anonymous users, which itself should be a problem, even if the comment brings to light errors in the research. Now it seems, entire websites have sprung up with the sole purpose of debunking the hard work of others, sometimes needlessly. It's a good read.
    Thank you for sharing. The situation with PubPeer actually encounters problems which are common on internet. As long as one comments anonymously, there are many off-topic and offensive comments. As soon as only registered comments are welcome, there are very few of them or not at all. Besides, one can presume that some scientific communities, even world-wide, are quite small and because of different reasons people do not want to comment under their real names... Another interesting resource to explore.
c maggard

additional revenue streams for newspapers - 0 views

    While not exactly on topic, and newspapers are not generally considered Scholarly publishers, they do engage with the public, and frequently act as a liaison between journals/researchers and the public. In the past ten years or so, people have gotten used to accessing, for free, newspapers and television reports as a way to inform themselves. While this is good for the individual, it is not so good for the publisher. Many traditional news outlets have been struggling to find a way to generate revenue in a way that neither smacks of consumerism, nor excludes the average citizen from participating. IN the UK, the liberal-leaning newspaper The Guardian has begun selling 'memberships', and hosting events ranging from lectures to classes on things as diverse as photography and creative writing.

JABEGA, Catálogo - 2 views

Es una herramienta imprescindible en la Universidad de Málaga (España), que permite el acceso a cualquier revista, libro, etc. en formato papel o electrónico. Fundamentalmente interesante el acceso...

open access knowledge open mooc publishing Module8

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