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Great Lakes Fishery Commission - Fishery Research - 0 views

    The fishery research program consists of a portfolio of funded basic (discovery, descriptive, or hypothesis generation) and applied (descriptive or hypothesis-driven) research organized by theme areas given below.
    Research theme areas are:
    Human Dimensions of Great Lakes Fishery Management -- Human dimensions-related issues play a central role in Great Lakes fisheries in terms of values and beliefs, management challenges and desired outcomes, economics, and governance. Fishery objectives often focus on a limited number of ecological and social management goals; this theme aims to expand our understanding of the human dimension of fishery management and help in having that dimension reflected in fishery management practices.
    Physical Processes and Fish Recruitment in Large Lakes -- TBD.
    Energy Dynamics of Great Lakes Food Webs -- To understand energy dynamics in Great Lakes food webs and the role of food web members in structuring resilient communities and ecosystems.
    The Great Lakes Fishery Commission (Commission) grants funds to academic institutions, government agencies, and private corporations through research contracts. A Principal Investigator (PI) for each research project must be designated; the PI must be a permanent employee of the institution receiving the funds who can be held accountable for ensuring the work is completed as outlined in the contract.
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