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Combating Wildlife Trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean - 0 views

    INL/C seeks to fund a project that builds Latin America's capacity to deter, detect, investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate wildlife poaching and trafficking cases. The scope includes the facilitative financial crimes (e.g. money laundering and corruption) that enable poaching and trafficking networks. The primary countries of engagement must include two or more of the following: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. Additional countries in Latin America and the Caribbean may also be included

Apply for a Grant - IEEE Foundation, Inc. - 0 views

    Raise awareness and understanding of science and technology and their potential to address a global challenge.
    Request for Proposals:
    For 2018, the IEEE Foundation Grants Program will invest approximately $304,000 to raise awareness and understanding of science and technology and their potential to address a global challenge.
    Proposals are invited from IEEE Organizational Units for projects that promote public understanding about how science and technology are being or could be used to address global challenges - including energy, cybersecurity, security, health care, and sustainability.
    In evaluating proposals, the Grants Committee will seek to determine the extent to which the proposed project:
    Provides technical information at a level that can be understood by the general public
    Reaches a broad cross-section of society
    Has a well-articulated communications plan, that includes social media, designed to increase awareness and engagement of the target audience
    Presents, in a neutral and balanced manner, an analysis of the social benefits and costs of deploying the subject technology
    Avoids advocating a particular action but encourages and enables participants to make an informed decision
    Directly involves IEEE members including, as appropriate, student members
    Encourages the active participation of the target audience
    Provides an effective means of determining the impact of the project
    Matches the IEEE Foundation's Grant criteria

2018 Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation - 0 views

    The United States Embassy in Georgia is accepting project abstracts for the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2018 Large Grants Program. The Program supports the preservation of major ancient archaeological sites, historic buildings and monuments, and major museum collections that are accessible to the public and protected by law in the host nation. The AFCP Large Grants Program gives top priority to project activities that are appropriate and in keeping with international cultural heritage preservation standards. An appropriate preservation activity is one that protects the values of the site as they are understood by stakeholders. Stakeholders may include national, regional, or local cultural authorities; the local community; and others with vested interests in the site and the outcome of a project.

African American Civil Rights (AACR) History Grants - 0 views

    The National Park Service's (NPS) FY 2017 African American Civil Rights Grant Program (AACR) will document, interpret, and preserve the sites related to the African American struggle to gain equal rights as citizens in the 20th Century. The NPS 2008 report, "Civil Rights in America, A Framework for Identifying Significant Sites," will serve as the reference document in determining the appropriateness of proposed projects and properties. AACR Grants are funded by the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), administered by the NPS. Grants will fund a broad range of planning and research projects for historic sites including: survey, inventory, documentation, interpretation, and education. Grants are awarded through a competitive process and do not require non-Federal match.***There are separate funding announcements for physical preservation projects and for historical research/documentation projects. Funding announcement P17AS00577 is for historical research/documentation projects only.***

DOD Legacy Resource Management Program 2017 - 0 views

    The DoD Legacy Resource Management Program (Legacy Program) provides funding to high priority conservation projects that foster mission sustainment while promoting long-term stewardship of our nation's natural and cultural heritage. All projects must address at least one of the Areas of Emphasis (AOEs) and support the mission-relevant priorities that form the basis of DoD's Natural and Cultural Resources Programs. Proposals must identify any relationship between the proposed work and other similar efforts that are currently underway or completed.
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