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Matti Narkia

Lectins in Edible Foods & ABO Reactions | Owen Foundation Website - 0 views

    "This is an alphabetical list of Foods containing Lectins, from edible Plant and Animal sources.

    Most lectins, in plant species, are NOT ABO blood type specific. Even fewer EDIBLE plants have lectins that are ABO type specific.

    This list does conflict with the information of the various incarnations of 'blood type diets', as far as specific foods agglutinating certain of the ABO blood types only. However, this information below has been derived directly from the published scientific literature and studies which are listed in the references which follow this list. It is not known where the authors of these diet books came up with their ABO blood-type agglutination data, it is definitely false when compared to published scientific studies.

    The first section has a list of foods, in alphabetical order for easier searching, their scientific names, and which blood types are agglutinated by them."
Matti Narkia

Chemistry Of Cooking -- A Biochemist Explains The Chemistry Of Cooking - 0 views

    January 1, 2009 - A biochemist and cook explains that cooking is all about chemistry and knowing some facts can help chefs understand why recipes go wrong. Because cooking is essentially a series of chemical reactions, it is helpful to know some basics. For example, plunging asparagus into boiling water causes the cells to pop and result in a brighter green. Longer cooking, however, causes the plant's cell walls to shrink and releases an acid. This turns the asparagus an unappetizing shade of grey.
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