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MrGhaz .

Learning Better Eating Habits - 3 views

    Look at your patterns of eating diary. Are you eating all over your home or at work? Do you sometimes eat standing up? Or whilst doing other things? All of these situations may trigger of eating. Try to eat in just one place at home - and one at work. Sit down at a table and don't read or watch TV. You will gradually weaken your wide range of eating triggers and only want to eat in the 'proper place'.
Matti Narkia | "D" is for Doping - 0 views

    "In 1927 a controversy arose in the athletic world.

    The German Swimmers' Association had decided to use a sunlamp on their athletes to boost performance. Some felt this ultraviolet irradiation constituted "athletic unfairness."

    In other words, doping."
Matti Narkia

Manninen Nutraceuticals: Taubes vastaa Braylle - 0 views

    Manninen Nutraceuticals: Taubes vastaa Braylle

    Taubes vastaa Braylle
    "Lihavuusauktoriteetti" George Bray julkaisi varsin kummallisen kirja-arvion Obesity Reviews -tiedelehdessä muutama viikko takaperin. Artikkelissa käsiteltiin Gary Taubesin Good Calories, Bad Calories -teosta. Alla Taubesin vastine.
Matti Narkia

Ten Surprising Nutrition Facts - - 0 views

    The American diet circa 2007 is a disaster - but positive change has begun. Those were the twin themes of the "Fourth Annual Nutrition and Health Conference" held in San Diego, Calif., May 14-16, 2007. The conference was sponsored by the University of Arizona's College of Medicine in conjunction with the Program in Integrative Medicine (PIM); PIM was founded and is co-directed by Dr. Weil. \n\nThe three-day event brought together leading nutrition researchers from around the world, bearing plenty of both bad and good news. Some highlights:
Matti Narkia

Face The Fats - 0 views

    It's time to meet the Fats - some are bad and some are better.
    According to a consumer survey conducted for the American Heart Association, fewer than half of Americans know that the "better" fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) can help reduce their risk of heart disease.
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