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Matti Narkia

Honest Nutrition: Acid-Alkaline Food Chart - 0 views

    "This chart comes from Russell Jaffe, MD, and he retains all rights.

    Prepared by Dr. Russell Jaffe, Fellow, Health Studies Collegium. Reprints available from ELISAIACT Biotechnologies. 14 Pidgeon Hill, #300, Sterling,VA 20 165. Sources include USDA food data base (Rev 9 & 10), Food & Nutrition Encyclopedia; Nutrition Applied
    Personally by M.Walczak; Acid & Alkaline by H.Aihara. Food growth, transport, storage, processing, preparation, combination, & assimilation influence effect Intensity. Thanks to Hank Liers for his original work. (Rev 6/0 1]"
Matti Narkia

Acid/Base Balance, Kidney Loading, Osteoporosis, Alkaline - - 0 views

    The table lists the acid, base values for 114 common foods. Base-producing foods are fruits and vegetables, whereas grains, meats, fish, cheese and salted processed foods are acid-producing.
Matti Narkia

Food table: Effects of various foods on acid-base balance - DownloadPRAL-NMT.pdf (appli... - 0 views

    Food table
    The table allows the assessment of dietary effects on acid-base balance.
    Foodstuffs with a negative value (milliequivalents per 100 g) exert a base (B) effect, foodstuffs with a positive value an
    acid (A) effect. Neutral foodstuffs are label
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