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Matti Narkia

Animal Pharm: Palmitic Acid+ CARBS = Mouse Skeletal Muscle IR - 0 views

    "Peter at Hyperlipid and Stephan at Whole Health have dispelled yet again myths regarding the indictment of the 16:0 long-chained saturated fatty acid Palmitic Acid as the prime instigator of insulin resistance (IR). Researchers are always wrong -- it's... HIGH CARBS PLUS Palmitic acid.

    Their brilliant posts discuss below:
    --Sportzaid (FRUCTOSE) + Palmitate = IR RETARDNESS
    --High Carb Lab Chow + Palmitate = IR in the brain

    Yes. Such inferences applied to low carbers (LCers) is pure ridiculousness. Non-applicable.

    Low/no carb + Palmitic Acid = GOOD THING. All the low-carb/high saturated fat (palmitic acid) and ketosis trials by Hays JH, Volek JS, and Krauss RM have shown reductions in blood insulin, blood glucoses (BG) and peripheral tissue insulin resistance (IR). Directly contrary to the high carb animal or human studies.

    Palmitic acid has a special evolutionary, adaptive role in mammalian metabolism. Stephan showed that it likely 'fills in' when blood glucose starts to decline. "
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