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Opinions divided on uranium royalties - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - 0 views

    A Senate committee has heard from environmentalists who are opposed to changing the way uranium royalties are levied in the Northern Territory.

    Hearings into the proposed changes started in Darwin this afternoon.

    At present, the royalties are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but the proposals would see royalties levied at 18 per cent of the mine's profits.
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Ranger reassessing procedures after radiation scare (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - 0 views

    An independent radiation safety expert from Queensland, who was called in to speak to Ranger uranium mine employees this week about exposure levels, says management is reassessing its procedures.

    The mine's union expressed concern after a dirty clean up job at the mine three weeks ago.
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Uranium contamination concerns at Ranger (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - 0 views

    The Australian Conservation Foundation says another contamination incident at the Ranger uranium mine should stop the Fed and NT Governments from allowing the operation to expand.

    Mining company, ERA has admitted several workers were contaminated clearing up a big yellow cake spill three weeks ago.

    Earlier this week, it announced a new possible 30,000 tonne deposit.
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The Ranger Uranium Treatment Plant in Australia. - 0 views


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Ranger Uranium Mine on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 0 views

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