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Ira Fry

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started by Ira Fry on 14 Mar 12
  • Ira Fry
    When going out for a see of Atlanta within a limo, it is best to include these places in your itinerary.
    When riding in the first class limo, there are rules to follow. Individuals following these kind of easy 5 limo etiquette tips will help contribute to an exciting event without doubts.

    1.) In the first instance, safety should be the primary concern for any passengers and drivers. Safety is often overlooked. Limousine companies do not transport more persons than the law allows. It is highly recommended that the occasion organizer rent a higher capacity limo than the amount of people in this party. More space allows for a comfortable together with safer ride.

    2.) Respect that limousine. Limo companies pay out high prices for a luxurious rides that they give out. Treat the ride with respect and common-sense.

    As much as privacy during service, it is usually in the chauffer's discretion whether the privacy windows are generally up or straight down.
    Several local limousine companies, especially in more compact cities, run questionable operations at best.

    What to look for when Choosing Ones Marietta Limousine Company

    Insurance is a MUST. I can't pressure this enough. Many cheap local companies (As i cant mention your names) run operations with out a license and/or without the need of insurance! This is ludicrous and has to be avoided no matter how cheap that they quote you for any ride. Make sure whichever limousine company you choosed take you around has a license and safeguards each vehicle with at the least $1. 5 Million coverage.

    Speaking of cheap quotes, were you aware that most limo businesses only quote you the base rate of their service? Make sure to properly if it includes everything, as usually this accounts for about an increased 15% and 55% with extras. On the top base, there are fees associated with tax, fuel surcharge, gratuity, stc charges, etc... It is best to book your prom limo 1-2 months before the event. Limo companies are usually swamped when prom rolls around and those who wait until the last minute will end up with either costly limo (heavy premiums are attached as a result of demand) and no limo.

    How to Book

    There are many local limo companies to go around at. Using the internet, many companies will show off their fleet and have contact information to work with you. Make sure you ask them about their insurance coverage. Any reputable limo service company should carry at the least $1 Million in coverage for the vehicle and people. Ask if it is possible to come to their business and see the fleet for you. Take particular note of how they look after their vehicles. If they are wary showing you and answer questions, this may be good indication for you to take your company elsewhere. Never meet with a limo company once they are offering to pay with you in the parking lot.

    With regard to large parties, a party limo bus can be a better alternative than classic stretch limos. Party buses, although not as stylish, allow for a lot more room allowing to get a more comfortable and dynamic event. If you and your friends enjoying dancing and want to keep the party going completely throughout the entire night, a party bus may be the limo of selection. Limol Services Atlanta, Atlanta Airport Limo, Atlanta Airport Limo

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