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started by nrcmeprep on 29 Jun 14
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    In an effort to reduce accidents and the resulting injuries or deaths, the U.S. Department of Transportation has taken steps to ensure every commercial driver is healthy enough to be behind the wheel through the requirement of medical certification. Recently, in combination with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the FMCSA they have developed a new program to better ensure this goal. Now, medical examiners must be certified to provide commercial driver medical cards.

    This new program, called the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners also known as NRCME, provides higher standards of health for the nation's commercial drivers. Because of this, medical examiners must now meet higher standards themselves, including participating in NRCME training and testing. The qualifications that all medical examiners hoping to be included in the listings include being licensed or certified to practice as per the state laws or regulations, participate in training programs, both before testing as well as every 5 years, and submit reports monthly and on demand.

    NRCME Prep

    Training for certification starts with enrolling in a training program provided by an accredited institution that offers the current curriculum for medical examiner certification. The training organization must also provide proof of completion as well as report contact information to FMCSA on all participants. This training will prepare the medical examiners to take the test necessary for certification while providing valuable information on the increased health standards of commercial drivers. The length of the training classes will depend on the individual organization offering the training as well as the pace in which the medical examiner learns.

    Once training has been completed, and the medical examiner has proof of satisfactory completion, they must take and pass the test to become certified. This testing ensures each medical examiner is fully aware of all disqualifying medical problems. For convenience, some testing organizations offer the exam via the internet, allowing medical examiners to test at their location and preferred time; removing the need to travel and upset daily schedules.

    Before testing some medical examiners may benefit from NRCME Prep. This builds on the training, and provides extra learning and review of the required information. Coupled with the training, prep can include additional study materials, and practice exams, effectively preparing the examiner to take the certification test. These additional materials and resources can prove invaluable to the medical examiner, particularly if there is a time lag between training and testing.

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