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Reese Oathmore

NORTON SCIENTIFIC SCAM-Detection and Prevention of Clinical Research Fraud - FC2 Knowho... - 0 views

    Google has launched its new search tool, Knowledge Graph that will give direct answers in its results instead of simply providing links in an attempt to improve its core search business. Now, when you search for a popular place, person or thing, a floating panel on the right side of the results page will have a summarized answer for you, along with some related information.

    The Knowledge Graph feature might just be the largest search launch in Google's history. In fact, Google says that this feature has already surpassed the launch of Google News and Google Image in terms of information available on the first day - and it will obviously continue to grow as more collections and relations are being added. And for an online community that's getting sick of all the hype on social search, Google's renewed focus on improving the key search business is a refreshing change.

    Google has been working on the Knowledge Graph for the past 2 years and have already made a database with 500 million entities and 3.5 billion defining connections and attributes like related searches. The Knowledge Graph draws information from a collection of information publicly available from sources like Freebase, Metaweb, Wikipedia, Google Books and World CIA Fact Book, among others.

    Norton Scientific Collection reports that Google is not aiming to give false information with is Knowledge Graph but to actually draw relationships between objects in an attempt to figure what a user wants to know. For example, if searching for a prominent figure in history, the KG may include family details as well as his notable works and other contributions.

    Amit Singhal, Google's senior vice president of engineering, said in a blog post, "We're proud of our first baby step-the Knowledge Graph-which will enable us to make search more intelligent, moving us closer to the 'Star Trek computer' that I've always dreamt of building."

    The rollout of this new feature will result in us
Sara Vixen

NORTON SCIENTIFIC SCAM-Detection and Prevention of Clinical Research Fraud - FC2 Knowho... - 0 views

    Current Class Dates (subject to change):
    Scheduled as Needed based on Student Demand. Email us if you are interested in this course.
    Description - This is an advanced-level class that takes an in-depth examination of severe noncompliance, clinical data fabrication and falsification, scientific misconduct and fraud cases. The course focus is on developing skills for preventing fraud and misconduct and preparing clinical research professionals to better handle severe noncompliance.

    Class Agenda/Modules - Instructors Make a Difference
    Defining Clinical Research Fraud and Misconduct
    Evaluation of Case History
    R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H. TM Skills Program
    Advanced Auditing and Monitoring Skills for Prevention
    Case Development
    Typical Class Attendee -
    Sponsor Auditors
    Contract Research Organization Auditors
    Clinical Research Associates and Monitors
    Institutional Review Board Internal Auditors
    Food and Drug Administration Investigators
    Independent Consultant Auditors
    Compliance Auditors
    Experience Level - Advanced; CRC, CRA or Auditor position for two years, preferably with a four year medical or science degree
    Class Price - $1500 (10% Southeast Regional Discount and 10% multiple persons from the same organization discounts are available)
Peter Chung

Norton Scientific Collection: Twitter Strikes Deal with Russian Search Engine - 0 views

    norton scientific canada, fraud and investment, article

    data scam warning, Norton Scientific Collection: Twitter

    Strikes Deal with Russian Search Engine
Toni Heading

Red Cross, Better Business Bureau warn against scams in tornado-damaged areas - 0 views

    toniheading's news - LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- The Red Cross has swarmed to tornado ravaged southern Indiana, but some people may be taking advantage of that.
    Officials are warning residents about scam artists posing as Red Cross employees.
    Disaster relief officials say the scammers call residents and ask them to leave their homes and pay a $25 debris removal fee.
    Residents are being urged to call police if anyone claiming to represent the organization asks for money.
    Meanwhile the Better Business Bureau is also issuing detailed warnings about potential scams.
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Toni Heading

norton scientific scam | Linkedin - 0 views

    toniheading - Newsvine - norton scientific scam | Tumblr

    This is a review of Broad and Wade's Betrayers of the Truth. The author uses a subtitle which is revealing: the loyalist responds to heresy not by seeing that something might be wrong, that there may be some merit to this sort of reassessment, but by defending the ideology. Zinder has managed to misread Broad and Wade in several places. There is sufficient misrepresentation to mean that he read the book very selectively. "The authors continually confound science with scientists. And the book not only fails to enlighten us on science but doesn't even begin to provide any insight on scientific method." (p. 94) "Thirty four cases of fraud over a 2,000 year period are documented in the book, a number roughly comparable to the number of lawyers who went to jail for Watergate. Despite this small number, the authors imply that scientific fraud is common.
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