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Matt Johnston

Languages Online - Memory Game Maker - 0 views

    "What is a Memory Game?

    In this interactive memory game the player must find the matching pairs of cards. To do this click on a card in the top row and then click on a card in the bottom row. If the cards match the cards remain face up. If not, the cards will turn back over and you can try again until all pairs have been found.

    Using the Memory Game Maker, you can build your own interactive memory game. You can specify if you want text, pictures or sounds on each row of cards. You can then type in your own text, attach your own pictures or record your own voice. These will appear on the cards in your finished game. You can also customise some other features of the game such as the look of your game and the sound effects used.

    When complete, the game is saved on your computer in the location you specify. From here you can copy the game to a disc, memory stick or onto another computer or network to share with others.

    You can make games in any language. Any script (for example Arabic or Japanese) that can be typed on your computer can be used."
Matt Johnston

Languages Online - Tetris Game Maker - 0 views

    "What is a Tetris Game?

    Languages Online Tetris is played like other versions of the game. Different shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen. The blocks can be moved to the left or right and can be rotated to form completed rows. When a row is complete it dissappears from screen and points are added to your score. If rows are not completed they remain on screen. These unfinished rows build up, making it harder and harder to manouver the falling blocks into place. The game ends when the blocks build up to the top of the play space.

    In this version of tetris the game pauses after every fourth block has fallen. To continue you must type in the correct word in response to a clue and click 'check'. If the answer is correct the game continues. If the answer is not correct then a 'bomb' falls through the game space removing any blocks in it's way.

    Using the Tetris Game Maker you create the lanmguages task for students to complete. The clue can be either text, pictures or voice recordings, and you must also enter the correct answer word.

    You can make games in any language. Any script (for example Arabic or Japanese) that can be typed on your computer can be used."
Matt Johnston

Languages Online - Matching Game Maker - 0 views

    "How the game works

    In the Languages Online Matching Game there are two columns. Each column contain six lines. To complete the game the player must drag a line between the matching pairs from each column. The Matching Game Maker allows you type in or record your own text or voice recordings in each column.

    Some suggestions about the types of tasks you can make:

    * Match a question and answer i.e. 'How old are you?' - 'I'm 12 years old'
    * Match the begining and endings of a sentences. i.e. 'My favourite colour' - 'is blue.'
    * As a translation task. Match a sentence in the LOTE with the English
    * A listening exercise. Match a recording of a sentence with the text of that sentence.
    * A comprehension task. Match a recording of a sentence or statement with a corresponding statement.
    * Match a sound with a word. i.e. the sound of a dog matched with the word 'dog'.
    * Complete the sequence. 'Monday, Tuesday" - "Wednesday" "
Matt Johnston

Languages Online - Sentence Game Maker - 0 views

    "What is a sentence game?

    A Languages Online Sentence Game begins with a sentence that has one or more words missing, and number of possible 'answer' words. The player must select the correct answer words to complete the sentence. This game focuses on sentence structure and word order, and depending on the answer options that appear in the game, it can be used to for practising agreements, adjectival endings, articles or many other grammatical points. "
Matt Johnston

Bridge Building game,Online Physics games,Construction Engineering puzzle,fun brain-teaser - 0 views

    Bridge building physics
Matt Johnston

Logic Games - 0 views

    The ProProfs website has lots of free online games for gifted children, but the best place to start is with the logic games. Leapfroggies, Chess, Sliding Block Puzzles, Mazes, Nonograms, and SHOT are all great games to get started with, as each involves some kind of higher level thinking in order to be successful. There are many more online games that would also be suitable for gifted children in the Brain Teasers
    or Brain Training sections. Just click the links at the top of the page and explore.

    Read more:
Matt Johnston

ElectroCity - How to Play - 0 views

    ElectroCity is all about balance and planning.

    You need to balance your city's growth with its environmental impact. Your citizens need electricity and jobs, but they also love their clean green image. So you get to decide whether that forest should be made into a national park or logged and turned into an aluminum smelter.
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