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Matt Johnston

Web 2.0 Projects - a Celebration of Student Learning - 0 views

    The Blogs O' Persuasion are a set of blogs devoted to 6th grade student viewpoints on a variety of controversial topics. We are using blogging as the platform for students to share their persuasive writing with other students, teachers, and the world! We would welcome any comments for the students' posts, so please let them know what you think. The skills and knowledge that we are addressing through this project are:

    Evaluating websites and other online resources to gather research and data to support their persuasive position on a topic
    Collaborating with others and sharing research sources - we used a Google Form to gather sources and posted all the useful links in the Link Library of each blog
    Writing persuasively!
    Writing in a digital space. We taught the students how to use hypertext as linktribution and as a means of enriching the readers' experience. Some students also learned how to add CC licensed images to their posts and give proper attribution.
    Being good digital citizens. We taught the students about using comments appropriately to communicate with their peers about their posts.

    Some very cool goals done in an authentic and
    in an interesting way.
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