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Bill Brydon

SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH METHODS IN INTERNET TIME - Information, Communication & Society - - 0 views

    "This article discusses three interrelated challenges related to conducting
    social science research in 'Internet Time'. (1) The rate at which the Internet
    is both diffusing through society and developing new capacities is
    unprecedented. It creates some novel challenges for scholarly research. (2) Many
    of our most robust research methods are based upon ceteris paribus
    assumptions that do not hold in the online environment. The rate of change
    online narrows the range of questions that can be answered using traditional
    tools. Meanwhile, (3) new research methods are untested and often rely upon data
    sources that are incomplete and systematically flawed. The paper details these
    challenges, then proposes that scholars embrace the values of
    transparency and kludginess in order to answer important research
    questions in a rapidly-changing communications environment."
Bill Brydon

Bridging Troubled Waters: Applying Consensus-Building Techniques to Water Planning - So... - 0 views

    "This research investigates a practical way to address clashes in stakeholder
    values and enhance outcomes in water allocation planning, in a case study of the
    water-stressed Lockyer catchment in Australia. A conflict assessment using
    photovoice interviews early in the process was used to identify divergent
    interests and values about sustainability, private and public benefit, and
    equity. A photovoice workshop as well as separate and joint meetings of
    government and irrigator groups using various consensus-building techniques
    fostered mutual respect, identified common ground, and contributed toward a
    negotiated package. This case study shows that techniques that clarify parties'
    values can reduce areas of divergence and refocus parties on topics for further
    negotiation in water planning. A consensus-building process need not be
    formalized in legislation; techniques can be tailored for the purpose and needs
    of the situation, and together with institutional change will contribute to more
    collaborative and deliberative planning processes."
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