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Bo Adams

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist | WIRED - 0 views

  • Culture labs conduct or invite experiments in art and design to explore contemporary questions that seem hard or even impossible to address in more conventional science and engineering labs.
  • The culture lab is the latest indication that learning is changing in America. It cannot happen too fast.
  • The time is now to support the role of learning in the pursuit of discovery and to embrace the powerful agency of culture.
Bo Adams

Dr. Curtis Carlson stresses innovation in education as part of President's Distinguishe... - 0 views

    HT @nicolenmartin
Meghan Cureton

Improv(e)ing Education . . . - My Improvised Life: Musings Of A Multipotentialite Educa... - 0 views

    Assessment of 4Cs through improv!
Meghan Cureton

Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn't Only About Having the Best Ideas - 0 views

  • without the capacity to execute an idea — to take an idea and turn it into a living, breathing, viable organization — you’re doomed to fail.
  • In the end, most people equate entrepreneurship with ideas. But for many, the real entrepreneurship happens internally — with the process of stepping up, having courage, and doing things that you never thought you’d be able to do. By flexing your behavior and learning to act outside your comfort zone, you’ll be well on your way toward achieving your goals.
Meghan Cureton

5 Ways to Learn About Note-taking from Da Vinci - 0 views

  • Invoke your own system
  • constantly studied and observed
  • pursuit of knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning.
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  • Always Innovate
  • Remember to stick to a regular schedule and review your notes often
  • Cross-pollinate
  • He relied on the outside world and others to help empower and enrich his ideas.
  • It’s amazing how a few moments away can connect your ideas and thoughts to help solve your most frustrating challenges.
  • Promote Yourself
Bo Adams

No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside down | World news | The Gu... - 0 views

  • the most important skill a school can pass down to its students is the ability to motivate themselves
  • “The mission of a progressive school should be to prepare young people to cope with change, or better still, to make them look forward to change. In the 21st century, schools should see it as their job to develop strong personalities.”
  • “The more freedom you have, the more structure you need,” says Rasfeld.
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  • The main reason why the ESBC is gaining a reputation as Germany’s most exciting school is that its experimental philosophy has managed to deliver impressive results.
  • “In education, you can only create change from the bottom – if the orders come from the top, schools will resist.
    HT Education Reimagined Issue #17
T.J. Edwards

Why Finding Your Niche Is Just Plain Bad Advice - 0 views

  • Why what people think matters more than where they’re from
    • T.J. Edwards
      focus marketing on customer core ideas/beliefs, not demographics
  • The truth is my tribe is eclectic.
  • Since this may be a new practice, here’s a formula you can follow to begin figuring out what it is you believe. Just fill in the blanks of this statement: “Every [BLANK] can/should [BLANK]”
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  • For example:
    • T.J. Edwards
      A potential SPARK for "tribe finding", tug of war VTR, thinking big, or disruptive creativity
    Find your tribe by focusing on core values rather than demographics.
Meghan Cureton

Noblesville High instructor pushes to change the educational system | 2016-05-25 | Indi... - 0 views

    Don Wettrick's innovation class- if you haven't yet, read his book Pure Genius
T.J. Edwards

SMU disrupts design with new Master's in art and design innovation - 0 views

  • One of the mandatory classes places students in studio classes where they are given a client and a prompt to solve an open-ended problem using human-centered design.
    • T.J. Edwards
      Novel idea :)
  • The current client is Café Momentum, a nonprofit restaurant that trains and hires juvenile offenders. The problem students have to solve is that many of the young men who work at Café Momentum are unable to get a lease or live in unaffordable housing because of their age.
    • T.J. Edwards
      Sounds like fuse
  • Students can take two elective courses in almost any subject as long as they can justify why they are taking the classes. She also emphasized that MADI is for anyone.
    • T.J. Edwards
      Could this be a model for iD. Make room for more electives, and students should show how those electives will further work in iD
Bo Adams

The Next Big Thing in Design - IDEO Stories - Medium - 0 views

  • bringing human-centered design to education, government, healthcare — the sectors that need it most — requires a few important culture shifts:1. We need to bust out of siloed design practices.2. We need to develop ever-broader capacities, taking an interdisciplinary, deeply collaborative approach.
  • We turn our own questions on ourselves: What if we could help design education that readies today’s kids for the technologically enhanced (and challenged) environment they’ll grow up into? While we’re at it, what if we could then start addressing the very policy that shapes those educational institutions? That kind of moonshot systems thinking requires both agility and scale — it requires networked organizations and creative collectives. It requires designers who never stand still.
  • when individuals with their own aspirations and talents come together to build upon each other’s work and drive toward a greater goal, we can gain traction on much bigger challenges — and find new ways forward.
Bo Adams

Successful entrepreneur and innovator chosen to lead new Innovation Center | Researc... - 0 views

    Innovation Centers are the future of education | @jbrettjacobsen @boadams1 @MeghanCureton #innovateordie HT @JHGarrison
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