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Iranian Classical Music :: An Introduction - 0 views

    The following characteristics are shared between Iranian and other Central Asian music:

    * The music is mainly monophonic, with each instrument in an ensemble following one melodic scheme.
    * The music is based upon a modal system; with each mode engendering different melodic types, called gushehs in Farsi. The execution of the melodic types are left up to the musician.
    * The use of microtones divides the scales into more than twelve semi-tones.
    * A priority is given to ornamentation.
    * There are a number of substantial pauses in each piece.

    The following are characteristics which distinguish Persian music from other Central Asian music:

    * Melodies are concentrated on a relatively narrow register.
    * Melodic movement occurs by conjunct steps.
    * Emphasis is on cadence, symmetry, and motivic repetition at different pitches.
    * Rhythmic patterns are kept simple.
    * The tempo is often rapid, and the ornamentation is dense.
    * Vocal parts are often decorated with Tahrir, a vocal ornamentation similar to yodeling.
    * Also, Iranian music is unique in the Middle Eastern tradition in that the different melodic phrases, or gushes are supposed to model the rhythmic stamp and melodic pattern of poetry.
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Persian Classical Music Instruments - 0 views

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Persian Classical Music - 0 views

    Iran, Persian art, Singing, Radif, Avaz, Shour, Abou Atta, Bayat Tork, Afshari, Dashti, Homayoun, Bayat Esfahan, Mahour, Segah, Chahargah, Rast Panjgah, Nava, Ney, Santour, Tar, Setar, Tonbak, Daf...
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Persian Traditional Music :: Instruments - 0 views

    - Barbat
    - Daf
    - Damâm
    - Do-tablé
    - Dohol
    - Dotar
    - Ghaychak
    - Kamancheh
    - Ney
    - Santur
    - Setar
    - Tanbur
    - Tar
    - Tâs
    - Tombak
    - Zarbé-Zoorkhâné
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Precisionsound | Persian Santur for SoundFont, HALion & NI Kontakt - 1 views

    Soundware for virtual samplers, multisampled instruments, drums, SFX and loops, NI Kontakt, EXS24 SoundFonts, Rx2 & more.
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Persian Instruments ~ Santour (Santur) - 0 views

    santur2.wav (audio/x-wav Object)
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