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taqasim oud ud - 0 views

    Arab music tradition is the urban-based music of the eastern Mediterranean region ranging from Cairo to Beirut, Damascus and Aleppo. This music consists predominantly of precomposed songs that is, pieces in which a composer has determined the form and content of the music to be performed.
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Med'Set Orkestra | "Before being Portuguese, Spanish, Algerian, Italian or Greek, we ar... - 1 views

    Med'Set is a project born from the common desire of singer-violinist Akim El Sikameya and festival director Sete Sois Sete Luas to give life, by music, to this idea of a Mediterranean culture, common to all people of the region, and stronger than any political division. "Before being Portuguese, Spanish, Algerian, Italian or Greek, we are Mediterranean."

    And to prove it, Akim el Sikameya, worldwide famous singer and violinist, wanted to reunite in an exceptional creation, seven

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Dailymotion - Akim and arabandalousian, une vidéo de akimsikameya. World, mus... - 0 views

    Algerian singer Akim el Sikameya, with his syncretic blend of arab-mediterranean-gypsy-jazz-rai-flamenco-klezmer-ska, is sure to surprise you with his very high voice and his mission to fight against fundamentalism - and for a common Mediterranean culture - with his art.
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Judeo-Maghrebi Music | Arab-Andalusian Jewish Songs of Salim Hilali - 1 views

    Although Salim Hilali (1920-2005) has no music on this page, you'll find videos of other esteemed Arab-Andalusian singers and musicians.
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Layla : Naser Musa and American Ensemble Plays Khaleeji Music : UCSB Middle East Ensemb... - 0 views


    Running time: 10:00

    * AbdeIrub
    * Arab
    * East
    * Ensebmle.
    * Idrees
    * Khaleej
    * Middle
    * Musa
    * music
    * Naser
    * UCSB
    * Yemen
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