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Tar or dutar middle eastern music instruments also known as tambour, târ or t... - 0 views

    The tar is widely spread in Central Asia. It is found in Azerbeidjan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tzadikistan, Kyrgysistan, Kazachstan, Iran and western China. The Uyghur of the Chinese province Xinjiang are a muslim people. The uygur play the tar or dutar on special occasions to accompany singing and dancing.
    The târ e Khavkaz is the Causcasian variant of this six stringed instrument.
    The Azerbaijani Tar has more strings in comparison than the Iranian or Persian târ A tanbur is a musical instrument made of wood with five strings. the tanbur is normally played alone, but sometimes it can also be played accompanied by playing the rawap or rabab or/and percussion. On ancient engravings the tanbur looks like a saz or baglama.
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