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Early Music | Jewish Music ~ Maftirim ~ of Turkey and Greece in Medieval Days - 0 views

    "In Turkey and Greece, as far back as the 16th century, groups of cantors and religious figures used to gather in the early morning, before prayer services, to sing devotional poetry in Hebrew. This gave rise to a distinct and complex form of music called maftirim, which only the most talented men could master.

    These small gatherings were part of a broader musical exchange under the Ottoman empire: Muslim Sufi mystics would come to synagogue on the Sabbath to listen to the maftirim. And the Jewish maftirim singers would visit Sufi lodges for musical inspiration."
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Piyutim | What is a Piyut? | הזמנה לפיוט - 0 views

    Piyut is a poem sung to God or about God. Piyut is also a prayer that expresses emotions in relationship to God, including praise, glory, joy, sorryow, anger, gratitude, lamentation, celebration, respect, fear, fury, loneliness, and longing. Piyutim are a crying out for connection with God.
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