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Michael J

Interview with Dan Josman of Black Circles: "Breaking the Mold" - 2 views

    Introducing, Black Circles. This alt rock band-trio is reminiscent of famous bands like Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and Queens of the Stone Age, but they give their own unique spin to music.

    Lead singer, Dan Josman of the Black Circles makes a special guest appearance on the show for an exclusive in-depth audio interview to talk about his band and his new CD only on The Great Unknowns Presents.

    Listen to a full audio interview with Dan including a special 4-track music feature from Black Circles debut self-titled EP, including their hit single, "Little Girl". Other songs on this episode include, "Final Straw", "Hey, you" and "S.O.L.".

    Read a pre-launch CD review and a transcript of our interview at:
Michael J

Presenting The Locals: Alternative / Indie Rock band of the Week - 1 views

    The Locals are an alternative rock / indie trio from Chicago, IL. Delivering exceptional sound created by Lead-singer and Guitarist, Yvonne Doll, Bassist, Christy Nunes, and Kirk Snedeker on drums. With captivating retro guitar rhythms, drum melodies with a modern spin and combined with Yvonne's powerful and smokey voice, this compelling combination makes this band certainly unique. Reminiscing with a sound similar to the 90's rock with artists like The Divinyls, Garabage, or even No Doubt, The Locals poses their own quality that is definitely their own.\n\nListen to a special 4-track preview with a special guest appearance with Yvonne Doll. \n\nRead my featured interview with Yvonne Doll\n
Michael J

The Painful truth of Morphine Killer: Interview and Music - 0 views

    Check out this kick-ass metalcore duo from the OC, California. Female front-man, Belle Roko has the voice of an angel, combined with crushing guitar, beats, and growls from Eski will have you head banging for more: Listen to this 4-track preview with special guest at
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