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carbon steel stamping - 0 views

    Carbon steel is an iron carbon alloy with a carbon content ranging from 0.0218% to 2.11%. Generally, it also contains small amounts of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. The higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness and strength, but the lower the plasticity.

What is a commercial glass? - 2 views

Commercial glass is, to put it simply, a type of glass which is designed to be used in commercial properties. To suit the requirements of these types of properties, this specific type of glass is d...

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front wheel bearing tool - 0 views

    Bruide B-2071 front wheel bearing tool is a professional wheel bearing repair tool, we mainly use it to disassemble the bearing, using this makes the repair work easier and more efficient, avoiding damage to other parts. This front wheel bearing tool can be used in place without removing the strut or hub from the vehicle. These bearings are lightweight and have an integral mounting flange. They also come with a retaining ring pre-installed to hold the bearing in the housing. Material: Carbon Steel.

disc brake caliper set - 0 views

    Bruide B-2018F disc brake caliper tool set is used for changing brake pads and shoes, rotating the piston into the caliper of a car, truck or four-wheel drive disc brake vehicle. This 24Pcs disc brake caliper return kit includes 18 adapters which are compatible with hundreds of vehicle makes and models, including American, European and Japanese. Featuring carbon steel construction and a rust-proof sandblasted finish, these parts will stand up to heavy use and accidental drops. It is perfect for everyone from the private car owner to the professional repairman.

Do air purifiers really work? - 2 views

The answer is that air purifiers do help to reduce the allergens in the air. This, in turn, may alleviate symptoms. That said, some experts do not recommend them as a solution for seasonal allergie...

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