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Troy Patterson

A School Without Walls | Connected Principals - 0 views

    We have started something that we can not control.  Students are gradually assuming more responsibility and ownership for what they learn and how they learn it.  This is a good thing, but like splitting an atom inside of a cardboard box, there is no hope of containing its power and potential.  Yet, by and large, we stubbornly cling to a traditional school system, attempting to control student learning in the confines of a specific space, time and method.
Troy Patterson

Education Week: Using Technology to Move Beyond Schools - 0 views

    Think ahead 10 or 15 years and ask yourself, "What proportion of the activity called 'learning' will be located in the institution called 'school'?"
Troy Patterson

Technology is Still the Wrong Answer, In My Humble Opinion : 2¢ Worth - 0 views

  • but what impressed me was things that I saw here that I didn’t know about — how classroom teachers and their tech facilitators are playing with emerging technologies — and I use the term play with the most respectful and admiring intent
  • I honestly believe that these educators are seeking new ways to use new information and communication (literacy) technologies in teaching and learning for the very best reasons.
  • I continue to maintain that the little box is not what engages them. it is what happens through that box. It is the information experience that…
Troy Patterson

Seth's Blog: The future of the library - 0 views

    We need librarians more than we ever did.
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