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New paper of Reigeluth: "Instructional Theory and Technology for the New Paradigm of E... - 2 views

    This article describes instructional theory that supports post-industrial education and training systems - ones that are customized and learner-centered, in which student progress is based on learning rather than time. The article describes universal methods of instruction, situational methods, core ideas of the post-industrial paradigm of instruction, the importance of and problems with task-based instruction, a vision of an instructional theory for post-industrial education and training, and the roles that may be played by the teacher, the learner, and technology in the new paradigm. Keywords: Instructional theory, post-industrial paradigm, task-basd instruction
    Is this Reigeluth's recent publication? I plan to include this in the reading list for next year. Thanks for sharing.
    I saw the news on Kursat Hoca's FB profile. It is published in Magazine about Distance Education (Revista de Educación a Distancia). I like the idea of learning without time constraints. I don't know why :)
Erdem Uygun

Constructivism with Second Life Island Project - 1 views

    Here is my constructivist environment example. In the past, I installed the second life software considering that it was a game. I roamed and roamed in worlds that already were created, chatted with people in another countries with my avatar. Then I thought that it was boring. It was just like sitting on Sunshine and talking with friends. Why I had to do this via my computer? This video shows us how Second Life Worlds can be used to create constructivist learning environments. In the video, a Second Life World that was prepared by a group of people called TELLS TEAM is presented. In this world, you can attend lectures, have group meetings for discussion, work on simulations and role plays whereever you are. All participants including the teacher has an avatar and walking, sitting, chatting as if they were in the same room. In this project, learners are active participants. They roam, talk, immediately can fly to role playing sessions and etc. Teacher is only responsible to present initial knowledge. I could not find how they evaluate the learners. However, it is up to you. This environment is just a tool. You can arrange your role plays, your simulations, and also your assesment. Also they have some guides to use the environment effectively on this web site:
Betül Baldan

The secret power of time-Philip Zimbardo - 2 views

    This is video is generally about the time perception of people and its effects on human life. The first five minutes give background info, then it talks about the effects of time perception on educational processes. I found it very interesting, I hope will, too.
    There are so many interesting metaphors. I liked them. The associations between educational concepts and time perception are very interesting in this video.
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