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Erdem Uygun

Questions, Cues, Advance Organizers - 0 views

    Several applications of Advance Organizers in one video. I really needed that since I had not be able to understand what is the real purpose of AOs since teacher activities about them had seemed to me that they do not converge. However, after watching the video, I think that advance organizers includes key components that students should know for using it to deepen their knowledge about a specific topic. To illustrate, in one practice, students ranked several telecommunication devices in terms of their importance before designing their own device. They first learned/remembered the key components of available devices and their importance and their use, and using this initial knowledge, they started to design a new device. Without examining prior devices (without looking at how telecommunication devices look like or how they function or what are their similarities or differences), it would be harder to think of a new device.
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