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    We can see a brief overview of these stages which used examples for each levels..
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    Thanks for sharing. I made several Piagetian experiment to my 2 year old cousin and since she was in preoperational stage, she could not answer them correctly:), Yengem was offended since she thought that her daughter was not smart enough, and my aim was to show that. I told about the theory and now she knows about Piaget too, that's science:).
    Your are lucky, erdem. You can apply this theory in your cousin's life. When I was watching television during this holiday, I realised that a program gives information about how parents act their children according to their age. They were using the same theory and also behaviorism. They use reinforcement and punishment, token economy, and especially time out method. After our behaiviorism section, I realised that I can elaborate this program according to the knowledge. So parents may be aware of their child's development after this programme and us. Why not? :)
    It is really weird to watch the reasonings and answers although we read that they are so. I was surprised once again.
    Yes hatice, actually I can go on applying the theory to my cousin by hiding it from Yengem, it is unethical I know:). May be I should wait until I have my own children. I can give permission myself to apply Piaget's theory to my children, no problem:), I agree saime, in one ofthe video a little girl was shown a simple triangle and was asked to draw exactly what she saw, and she drew a different sketch and showed the corners of her triangle that was completely in different places. It was in the video that Evrim Hoca posted to Diigo, I guess.
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