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Natural Standard Herbal Pharmacotherapy: An Evidence-Based Approach - 0 views

    Natural Standard Herbal Pharmacotherapy: An Evidence-Based Approach is now available for purchase. The book provides practical guidance on the use of herbal therapies for medical conditions. This reference tool will be an essential part of herbal pharmacy core curricula for all healthcare disciplines.

    Chapters are organized by medical condition and present supportive evidence, including potential mechanisms of action and dosing, for selected herbal therapies. The chapters also include integrative therapy plans to help clinicians quickly assess patient needs and create cohesive treatment plans.

    In addition, adjunct therapies, including herbs, supplements and modalities, that are commonly used in combination with primary treatments are discussed. Case studies, which summarize efficacy, safety, dosing and interactions for high-utilization products, help prepare healthcare providers for patient counseling in clinical practice.

    Review questions, similar to those on national board exams, allow readers to evaluate their learning and identify areas for further study.

    The book also includes several appendices, which provide information about lab values as well as the safety, interactions and pharmacokinetics of select herbs.
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