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Heidi Allen

A moral obligation to help patients decipher online health information - 2 views

    Online information on health gives chances to people to know what they have to learn about certain health issues and topics. They can easily prevent to it and find solution on it.
Mike Cadogan

Eponymous Cardiac Syndromes | Life in the Fast Lane - 2 views

    this gives me a 404 error :(
Mike Cadogan

ZDoggMD Medical satire with Zing - 2 views

    Checking out the @ZDoggMD blog ...looking good. Great source of medical satire!
Mike Cadogan

Little White Slips that inspire in the night | Life in the Fast Lane - 2 views

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    Little White Slips of Inspiration

    June 17, 2010 By Mike Cadogan 3 Comments (Edit)

    I always seem to be in a mad rush to remove myself from the actively doing zone to enter the inactively waiting zone or the intemperate between things zone. These rapid inter-zonal oscillations appear to exemplify my semblance of adrenaline driven efficiency…when in fact, they are anything but.

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