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Ted Major

Law lessongs - 0 views

    "Law lessons in song"
David Mehlhoff

Dreams Time - 3 views

shared by David Mehlhoff on 08 Nov 11 - Cached
    Purchase royalty-free images to enhance our web-based courses, blogs, etc.
Norm Wright

Kubbu - 1 views

shared by Norm Wright on 06 Nov 11 - Cached
    from the main page : "Kubbu is an e-learning tool designed to facilitate teachers' work and enhance the learning process
    ...create activities, matching games, crosswords or quizzes..."
Jean Proppe

Music | Second Life - 0 views

shared by Jean Proppe on 04 Nov 11 - Cached
Lisa M Lane

The psychological safety we need to learn | Instructional Design Fusions - 3 views

    Risks of being seen as ignorant, incompetent, negative or disruptive all have learning opportunities/requests for help.
Jim Julius

Open Course Library Launches 1st 42 Courses - Creative Commons - 5 views

    Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges released the first 42 of 81 high-enrollment Open Course Library courses this week.
Ted Major

ePortfolio templates - 3 views

    Students engage more fully with ePortfolios when they are confident they own them from the outset. Institutions can let students have full ownership over their ePortfolios and still require students to demonstrate how they are meeting institutional expectations in their ePortfolios. An effective solution is to forefront the learning outcomes by making them part the ePortfolio's navigation. At the University of Idaho, we have been exploring WordPress as a platform for ePortfolios because students can own them, outcomes can be placed in the navigation menus and WordPress has powerful categorizing functions that allow students to easily filter evidence for their ePortfolio.
Erica Duran

The Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tricks... - 1 views

    This is a fun website for grammar that students get interested in exploring simply because it has a catchy name. The bonus? It IS a really good website :-)
Ross Kendall

Houdini for Mac - 0 views

    Ths is a great tool for Mac users who want to clear their usb sticks. (Delete contents on your usb and then empty the trash on your mac; otherwise the contents will still be there.) Houdini allows you to view and delete pesky hidden items that might still remain.
Michelle Farnam

Universal Course Design - 2 views

    How can you provide access to all in your course? Through Universal Course Desgin. Learn how to set up your course , involve students, and retain interest using a few simple techniques.
Michelle Farnam

Study Guides and Strategies - 0 views

    Material related to study guides and strategies, offered in many different languages. Study guides in various topics, math , writing, learning styles, even website development.
Aslam Sharif

Local News | Low-cost textbooks for college students make debut | Seattle Times Newspaper - 0 views

    Free textbooks, videos, low cost tablet PC. Maybe quality learning can be available for all humans!
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