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started by chelseafc chelseafc on 05 May 12
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    Nobody is invincible in life. I that because I pass through this point in my life," Cotto said. "I'm ready for anything Floyd brings me. The question is, is Floyd ready for anything Mayweather vs Cotto Live can bring to him?"

    Mayweather has answered that question every time he's stepped in the ring as a pro, winning all 42 of his fights while becoming the biggest pay-per-view attraction in the sport. If he needs any added incentive to win this fight, it would be that it might make the nights pass easier when he goes to jail June 1 for what is expected to be a two-month sentence for domestic abuse.

    There are still questions, though, about why Mayweather doesn't fight Manny Pacquiao in the fight most boxing fans want, a fight that would be the richest in boxing history. Mayweather answered them in part earlier this week with a lengthy rant about how he believes Pacquiao uses steroids and that he wouldn't want to risk his health against him.

    "Writers are saying, 'Floyd is scared,'" he said. "No, Floyd cares about his family. Floyd is smart. At the end of the day, Floyd is smart. My health is important. My health is more important than money. They can take all the money and my health Mayweather vs Cotto Live Stream more important. If they say, Floyd, you can live a healthy life like you is right now, or you got to walk with a limp, and walk all bent over, Mayweather vs Cotto Live Stream
    you can Cotto vs Mayweather Fight Live Stream a lot of money for the rest of your life, I'd say, 'Take it all back.'

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