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Midhul Mohandas

Kids World Fun Organizes Little Champs Video Contest for Preschoolers - 0 views

    The popular educational portal is organizing a unique Little Champs Video Contest for preschoolers (3-6 years old) around the world. The contest intends to discover the very young bright stars around the world who are exceptional in a variety of activities such as reading, writing, singing, dancing, doing chores around home, playing with friends, gardening, and so on. Parents, who are interested, should make a video portfolio of their child, of about 3-5 minutes duration, stringing together the various activities he/she engages in at different times, in natural situations. The winners will be selected based on how well and happily the child engages in the task, how independently he/she is able to perform, how much effort is put in, and how skilled he/she is, in each activity engaged in. The terms and conditions of the contest are given at The Little Champs Video Contest is the second international contest that the KidsWorldFun is organizing, the first being the prestigious International Short Story Contest for School Children that debuted in 2016.
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