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George Spicer

Number line interactive - 5 views

    SUPERB! Place the numbers on the number line. Loads of levels. Negative numbers and decimals. Play against the clock for a score. My class's favourite warm up, useful throughout school from year 3 to year 6.
Garrett Eastman

The Number Line, or Using Math to Balance Emotion in Excess - 14 views

    a creative way of thinking about positive and negative numbers
David Wetzel

Algebra: Investigating Positive and Negative Slopes - 1 views

    Learning algebra is difficult for most students. Ask any student what they are learning in algebra and you will probably receive an answer similar to this (after - Why do I need to know this?). "Using Xs and Ys a lot, a bunch of numbers and symbols, and memorizing a lot of rules." This often comes with learning algebra without connection to anything students can relate to. When students learn basic math, they can make a lot of connections.
Martin Burrett

Number line - 0 views

    A good maths resource for practising numberline skills, including negative numbers.
Martin Burrett

Pearl Diver - 0 views

    A maths game which teaches about positive and negative number lines.
Martin Burrett

MathsPad - 0 views

    A great maths site with flash resources, online tests and worksheets on a range of maths topics to print or use on your whiteboard.
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