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Garrett Eastman

Why Learn It? Informing, Engaging, and Inspiring the next generation of students throug... - 7 views

    "Why Learn It (WLI) aims to address the issue of motivation around learning math by helping students
    explore the beauty and relevance of what they would otherwise dismiss as inconsequential in school.
    Targeting late middle-school and early high-school students, WLI takes a hybrid approach to cultivat-
    ing motivation. It leverages the engagement value of short (approximately three-minute long) videos
    depicting real people talking about how math and computational thinking are critical to their successes
    in a number of professional areas. Students then complete a series of interactive exercises that help
    students explore an application area discussed in the video in more detail. These exercises, however,
    are not simply drill problems aimed at making students experts in a particular content area. Instead,
    they are multi-step assignments that require the students to draw upon both detailed mathematical
    knowledge and a big picture view of how this knowledge can be used to draw useful, meaningful
    conclusions. The exercises are focused on bridging the worlds of number, images, and sounds in or-
    der to help students build intuition around a particular topic. Therefore, while some questions have
    objectively correct responses, others require students to gather knowledge they have built through
    answering previous questions within the packet to draw new inferences. Hints are provided along the
    way to ensure students receive assistance when necessary. Finally, WLI is housed online and is oered
    for free, signifying minimal barriers to usage by educators and students."
Garrett Eastman

Mapping a Personalized Learning Journey - K-­‐12 Students and Parents Connect... - 6 views

    See in particular, Digital Learning Dot #3, Personalized Learning in Math Class
Garrett Eastman

Virtual Mathematics - Higher Education for the 21st Century - 1 views

    Summaries of presentations from a symposium at Florida International University in 2012
Garrett Eastman

Department of Education Funds Four-Year Research Evaluation of Mathematics Online Tutor... - 3 views

    "SRI International, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and the University of Maine have received a $3.5 million award from the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate the effectiveness of an online tutoring system for mathematics homework. The research team will study seventh-grade mathematics students and teachers in more than 50 schools throughout Maine using WPI's ASSISTments system.

    ASSISTments aims to transform homework by giving students instant feedback and tutoring adapted to their individual needs. It also provides teachers with customized reports each morning on their students' nightly progress. Teachers in the study will receive training in how to use these reports to adapt their lesson plans to better suit students' needs."
Garrett Eastman

The "Mathlash" To Silicon Valley's Move Into Education - 11 views

    Mathematics teachers disagreeing with the math teaching methods espoused by the Khan Academy, including words from a Stanford PhD candidate: ""When you attempt to distribute mathematics through any of these media [such as YouTube videos, digital photos, MP3s, PDFs, blog posts, spoken words, and printed text] it changes the definition of mathematics."
Colin McAllister

Exploring Discussion Forums in Mathematics Education - 7 views

    Online Communities of Enquiry in Mathematics Education. A free article in a conversational style with practical tips for online communications and learning. Colin McAllister and Rebecca Hanson ask: What is it like to take part in online discussions? How do moderators and contributors create active and successful conversations? How is the technology employed in the management of discussion forums evolving? What could be achieved through discussion forums in the future?
Mike McIlveen

Manga High - Where maths is just a game! - 1 views

    Game based maths from the uk.
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