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Sarah Hickman

strategy+business - 0 views

    Booz Allen Hamilton , the US major global strategy and technology consulting firm, gives online access to its quarterly leading strategy + business magazine here at

    Users can browse content, subscribe to e-mail updates, listen to podcasts, get sneak previews of upcoming issues, and order previous volumes in paper or CD format. The firm also accepts submissions of proposals for future articles/features.

    The fairly good Search and Browse feature links to the following:

    * Articles (back to 1995, 4th quarter)
    * Enews (goes back to 2000)
    * Resilience Reports (back to 2003)
    * Leading Ideas (back to 2006)
Sarah Hickman

Publications Search - 0 views

    Subscribe to BCG Publications to get access to a variety of BCG publications and press releases. Industry topics span from social impact to financial services to automotive. Business topics include marketing, strategy, corporate development and diversity, among others.

    Search by keyword or select an industry or topic to find and read overviews, table of contents, author bios, and reader comments.
Sarah Hickman

MaRS Discovery District - Recommended Resources - Entrepreneurship Resources - Rites of... - 0 views

    "The key for VCs in successfully managing CEO change in venture companies is to anticipate it; monitor the relationship for familiar, early-warning signs of leadership problems; and initiate a professional and swift transition before CEO shortfalls create serious, even irreparable, harm to the company. "
Sarah Hickman

Open Culture - 0 views

    Open Culture explores cultural and educational media (podcasts, videos, online courses, etc.) that's freely available on the web, and that makes learning dynamic, productive, and fun.

    Items of interest to entrepreneurs are:

    * Business category of resource blog posts
    * MBA Podcast Collection
    * Industry podcast collections: science, technology
    * Web/Tech category of resource blog posts
Sarah Hickman

Knowledge@Wharton - 0 views

    The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (of business) provides free online access Knowledge@Wharton, its online business journal.

    The online journal focuses on:

    * business trends
    * interviews (faculty & business leaders)
    * business research
    * reviews (conferences, book, etc)
    * providing a search database to over 1,500 relevant articles and abstracts

    Major categories include Innovation and Entrepreneurship , Business Ethics, Marketing, Finance and Investment, and more. There is a "Special Sections" page that links to more in-depth articles which readers can post comments to. And last but not least, the site also has podcasts accessible via iTunes.
Sarah Hickman

MaRS Discovery District - Recommended Resources - Entrepreneurship Resources - Stonewoo... - 0 views

    While governance and fiduciary matters command a bigger share of their time and attention, the hiring of CEOs is among the most important, value-added responsibilities of Boards of Directors. It is also one exercised ever more frequently, with statistics showing that two-thirds of all venture-backed startup companies replace their founding CEOs and of these replacements, two out of every five fail in the first 18 months.
Sarah Hickman

Canadian Small Business & Entrepreneurs - Articles, Tips and Advice on Capital, Loans a... - 0 views

    This online chapter of Canadian Business provides established and up-and-coming Canadian entrepreneurs with current and newsworthy information. Focus is placed on finance, management, sales and marketing, technology, and exporting.

    In addition:

    * A 'Personal Development' section provides information on best practices, stress management, and more.
    * A 'How To' section provides information on dealing with various business problems.
    o From legal matters to corporate motivation.
    * A 'Startup Guide' section provides the reader with a report on 2008's best niches for start-ups.
    * Access to PROFIT Magazine is also given.
Sarah Hickman Unstoppable: Finding Hidden Assets to Renew the Core and Fuel Profitable Gr... - 0 views

    Over the next decade, two out of every three companies will face the challenge of their corporate lives: redefining their core business. Buffeted by global competition and facing an uncertain future, more and more executives will realize that they must make fundamental changes in their core even as they continue delivering the goods and services that keep them in business today. "Unstoppable" shows these managers how to look deep within their organizations to find undervalued, unrecognized, or underutilized assets that can serve as new platforms for sustainable growth. Drawing on more than thirty interviews with CEOs from companies such as De Beers, American Express, and Samsung, it shows readers how to recognize when the core needs reinvention and how to deploy the "hidden assets" that can be the basis for tomorrow's growth. Building on the author's previous books, "Profit from the Core" and "Beyond the Core", this book shows how any company in crisis can transform itself to become truly unstoppable.
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